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VALD ForceDecks

Introducing VALD ForceDecks

If you have been down to the clinic recently, you may have seen or used the recent addition to our rehab toolbox. VALD ForceDecks are the fastest and most powerful force plate system for analysing strength and imbalance.

Force plates are commonly used in high performance laboratories to measure athletic ability and development. We are pleased to now have them in our clinic to assist us in optimising injury rehabilitation, so we can get our patients safely back to sport in the best condition possible.

What are Force Decks?

VALD ForceDecks is a dual-force plate system that monitors how your muscles generate the force needed to perform a movement. It provides us with information regarding rate and magnitude of force production, movement strategy, imbalance, and dynamic control of movement.

How do they work?

You will be asked to stand on or push against the ForceDecks. Your physio will put you through a series of movements that are specific to your injury and your phase of recovery. These may include balance challenges, jumping or hopping movements, and pulling or pushing against the force plates. Key results appear live on an iPad

which provides your physio with the ability to provide you with immediate feedback. Further in-depth analysis of all the data from your testing can be carried out if needed.

Why are they useful?

The use of force plates provides quick, easy, and repeatable assessment of movements specific to your injury and rehabilitation goals. ForceDecks provide us with an accurate and in-depth analysis of your movement quality and limb symmetry. This gives us the ability to customise your rehabilitation programme based on your functional performance, and accurately track your progress. This means that we can make your rehabilitation as effective as possible.

Do I have to be injured to use them?

Force plates are frequently used as part of an athlete assessment to understand strengths and weaknesses and to mitigate injury risk. We can assist you with this as a stand-alone test, or as part of a comprehensive biomechanical athlete screening to help you on your sporting journey.

Click here to see the reel on our social media to check out the force decks in action.

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