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  • How do I book an appointment?
    You can book an appointment online using our booking portal. This allows you to easily see all the physios’ available times and pick a time that suits your needs. Alternatively, you can call us on 09 475 5780 and one of our team can schedule you in.
  • Why do you have ACC surcharges?
    While ACC provides some coverage for our services, it doesn’t fully cover our costs. The surcharge helps bridge this gap. We boast a team of highly qualified physiotherapists who take pride in their extensive knowledge and experience. For instance, our Clinical Director, Wayne, has over 20 years of experience in physiotherapy. The surcharge ensures we can continue delivering the high-quality care and expertise you deserve.
  • What’s your cancellation policy?
    We understand that life can get busy, and there may be times when you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. If this is the case, please let us know as soon as possible by contacting us at 09 475 5780 or replying to your reminder text, which you’ll receive 24 hours before your appointment. We kindly request that cancellations be made at least the day before your appointment. This allows us to offer your appointment slot to someone else who could benefit from it. Please be aware that a late cancellation or non-attendance will result in a $30 fee, which is added to your patient account. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
  • How can I pay for my appointment?
    We offer several convenient payment options for your appointment. You can pay using Eftpos or cash, with many of our clients opting for the ease of payWave. If you prefer, we can also email you an invoice for payment via bank transfer. Additionally, we’re affiliated with Southern Cross Easy-Claim and can submit claims on your behalf, provided we have your policy number. Please note that patients under the Careway program are not required to pay surcharges as they are covered by the program. For more information about Careway, you can visit their website here.
  • Do I pay a surcharge if I have health insurance?
    This depends on your insurance coverage. If you’re with Southern Cross, we can use your policy number to check your balance for physiotherapy and claim the surcharge for you through their Easy-Claim service. If your policy only partially covers the cost, you’ll need to pay the difference. For other insurers, you’ll pay the surcharge and we’ll email you a receipt to claim from your insurer. For more information about Southern Cross Easy-Claim visit their website here.
  • What happens in initial appointment?
    Your initial appointment will involve a subjective (information gathering) and objective (physical assessment) assessment. After your assessment, your physio will discuss your injury diagnosis, recovery, and proposed treatment plan. Your physio may do some hands-on treatment and prescribe some exercises for you to do at home. If necessary, your physio can also refer you for an x-ray or ultrasound.
  • What should I wear to my appointment?
    We recommend that you wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing for your physiotherapy session. If you’re coming in for a knee injury, consider wearing shorts, or a singlet for a shoulder injury. This ensures that we can easily access the affected area for a thorough assessment and effective treatment. Loose clothing also allows us to observe how your muscles and joints function during movement. Additionally, if your treatment plan includes exercises in our on-site gym, wearing appropriate attire will make it easier for you to perform the movements and for us to guide you through them.
  • How many appointments do I need?
    Your physio will discuss with you the appropriate treatment plan best suited to your specific injury. The number of appointments varies based on individual factors such as injury type, severity, age, and personal health. Some may need only a few sessions, while others may require more. Each recovery journey is unique and determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • Can I bring my baby or child with me?
    Absolutely, you’re welcome to bring your children along to your appointment. However, we kindly ask for your vigilance in ensuring their safety, especially as our clinic can get very busy with other patients doing exercises and using gym equipment. While we are child-friendly, please note that we are unable to offer childcare services during your appointment. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.
  • Do I need to accompany my child to their appointment?
    For children under the age of 16, it’s required that a parent or guardian accompany them to their initial appointment. This is because individuals under 16 cannot sign the consent form to lodge ACC claims. The necessity for a parent or guardian at follow-up appointments can be discussed with the physiotherapist.
  • What do physiotherapists do?
    Physiotherapists provide person and whānau-centred healthcare. They use their in-depth knowledge of how the body works, combined with hands-on clinical skills, to assess, diagnose and treat symptoms of various conditions. A key part of their role is treating injuries and working with individuals to prevent re-injury. This is achieved through a combination of hands-on treatment and prescribed exercises tailored to each person’s needs, which aid in rehabilitation and recovery.
  • Can I bring a support person with me?
    To ensure your comfort during visits, we welcome the presence of a support person at your appointments.
  • What does a Pelvic Health Physio do?
    Our Certified Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, Alex, provides assessment, diagnosis, and treatment for pelvic floor dysfunction. This might include pelvic floor muscle training, assisted exercises, and expert advice regarding diet and other lifestyle factors. We can assist with a variety of issues, including: - Bladder concerns such as leakage, urgency, and control issues. - Bowel concerns such as constipation, leakage, and difficulty emptying. - Pelvic pain. - Painful sex. - Pre and post-surgery (e.g., hysterectomy/prostatectomy). - Pre and post-natal pregnancy checks. - Prolapse symptoms.
  • What cover does ACC provide for Pelvic Health?
    ACC cover depends on the type of injury as well as the date that it occurred. For more information regarding ACC coverage, you can visit the ACC website to find the latest information.
  • What should I expect during my first appointment?
    At your first appointment with Alex, you can expect a personalised and comprehensive assessment. To give you a detailed understanding of what to expect, Alex has written specific blog posts for different individuals - men, women, and transgender and/or gender non-conforming people. We encourage you to read these blog posts for a thorough insight into your first visit. You can find them here.
  • What measures are in place to ensure my comfort and privacy during the appointment, especially if I’m feeling nervous?
    We understand that your first pelvic health appointment might feel a bit daunting, and it’s completely normal to feel nervous. Please know that we’re here to support you every step of the way and to create a safe space for you to address your pelvic health concerns. Our rooms are private, we lock the door at your request, and we use privacy screens for added comfort. You’re also welcome to bring a support person with you if you’d like. During your first session, a complete exam isn’t mandatory. Some individuals prefer to discuss their concerns initially, gradually easing into the environment. We can then proceed at your own pace from there. Our goal is to work with you, for you, ensuring that your experience is as comfortable and as beneficial as possible.
  • Still have questions about ACC and how they help?
    ACC has great resources on their website. Visit their website or phone them on 0800 101 996
  • What is ACC?
    ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) is a Crown entity that helps cover some of the costs of your recovery following an accident that causes an injury. This cover is for everyone of all ages in NZ, whether a citizen, resident, or visitor. To find out more about ACC, visit their website!
  • How do I know I can claim my injury under ACC?
    In general, it doesn't matter who you are or what you were doing. If an accident caused you to have an injury, you could be eligible to make a claim with ACC under their no-fault scheme.
  • Can I use an existing claim with ACC?
    Yes! If you have registered a claim through your GP or other Health provider, we can use the same claim. As long as your ACC claim is still valid, you can continue to use it for treatment. If you are unsure, please contact ACC prior to your first appointment to check the claims validity. Phone them on 0800 101 996
  • What is the costs are involved with Careway?
    The Careway program at Physio HQ provides physio appointments at no cost to eligible patients. However, there may be additional costs for extra braces or exercise equipment like therabands for home exercises. These potential costs will be discussed transparently with your physiotherapist. The only other investment is your time! You’ll be asked to fill out questionnaires to track your progress and it’s important to keep up with the exercises set by your physio.
  • What is Careway?
    At Physio HQ, we’re providers of the ACC-funded Careway program. This initiative is designed for individuals with specific injuries such as those to the knee, shoulder, spine, or ankle. With Careway, eligible patients receive specialised physiotherapy treatment without paying a surcharge for their appointment, helping to ensure a swift recovery journey. This includes: Orthopaedic Surgeons Physiotherapists Sports Physicians Vocational Therapists Pain Management Specialists You will be able to access the services you need to get better, faster.
  • How do I know if I'm eligible?
    Eligibility for the Careway program is determined based on specific criteria. It is designed for individuals with certain injuries, specifically to the knee, shoulder, spine, or ankle. Not all injuries qualify for this program. During your initial ACC appointments with us at Physio HQ, your physiotherapist can discuss the Careway program with you and conduct an assessment to determine if your injury fits the criteria for the associated pathway. This ensures that those who can benefit most from the program are able to access it.
  • Is the clinic wheelchair accessible?
    Yes! The complex has two disability parks located opposite our entrance, alongside the fence. Our entire workspace is in on ground level and our bathroom facilities have enough space to allow wheelchair access with handrails to assist with transfers. If you have more specific needs, please contact us prior to your appointment let us know and we will advise if we can facilitate this.
  • Do you have parking?
    We have four patient carparks at Physio HQ, loacted on the right side round the back of the complex, and clearly marked with our signage. At times, these may be full due to high demand. However, there are two additional non-allocated parking spaces adjacent to ours, as well as street parking nearby. Please be aware that we share the complex with three other businesses. If our spots are full upon your arrival, we kindly ask that you refrain from parking in their allocated spaces.
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