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Sports Injuries


Are you looking for sports physiotherapy in Albany? Look no further as we are a comprehensive sports injury clinic in the North Shore with an experienced sports physiotherapist to treat your acute or chronic sports injury.

Sports injuries can involve a variety of musculoskeletal structures like muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones. The injury can be classified as an acute, or a chronic overuse injury, both requiring physiotherapy treatment.

​We will assess if the injury can be managed with physiotherapy or if it might require referral to a specialist.

Some of the acute sports injuries we treat include:

Ankles: sprains, ligament tears, pain and stiffness

Knees: ITB, runners knee, patellofemoral syndrome, ligament and meniscus tears, Anterior cruciate ligament physiotherapy rehabilitation

Hips: impingement, piriformis syndrome, labrum tears, osteoarthritis

Shoulders: rotator cuff impingement, tears & repairs, rotator cuff tendinitis, bursitis, frozen shoulder, pins and needles/numbness or altered sensation in the arm and hand

Elbows/wrists: golfers elbow, tennis elbow or epicondylitis, carpel tunnel syndrome, fractures, de quevains tenosynovitis, hand injuries

Back pain: prolapsed discs, sprains, muscle spasm

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