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Shockwave Therapy


Here at Physio HQ, we are proud to be able to offer extracorporeal shockwave therapy—a non-invasive treatment method that may be your next step toward recovery.

Our radial shockwave machine delivers a series of targeted shocks to the affected area, these shocks are delivered at the surface of the skin, causing a series of sound waves to form and travel to deeper tissues of the body. This can stimulate tissue regeneration, alter nerve activity, release growth factors, and enhance tissue resilience, all adding to your recovery journey. For most injuries, approximately 2000 shocks are delivered over a period of 5-10 minutes. You may feel some discomfort during the treatment, but your physio can adjust the speed and amplitude of the shocks to ensure that treatment is within your tolerance.

We recommend this treatment based on your specific injury and its potential benefits for your recovery. The amount of shockwave treatments you may require is also based on your specific injury; typically we recommend six treatment sessions. If you are interested in seeing if shockwave could work for you, book a physio consult with one of our team today.

Please note that a shockwave therapy treatment is an add-on to a physiotherapy appointment, incurring an extra cost of $40 ($25 until the end of July 2024) beyond our standard consultation fees.

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